“Favourite Fins” Outfit 5

Hello Escritori,

If you can believe it, I didn’t know what day Christmas was, so I didn’t make this last outfit in the series any more special. However this is the last mermaid outfit because I’m running out of ways to put things under things or on top of them. I did try to give you at least a working week’s worth this way – including a lot of substitutions for variety.

I’ve found that so much of this theme is to do with colour, texture and accessories that hint at the theme. In addition to the obvious like linen, stripes, rope, shells and pearls, there’s also the trope of the mermaid spiny hair-comb. Those quirky ‘hand mirror pedant’ necklaces around a few years ago would also be fun.

This last outfit is usually the one I do or have on standby, although I don’t like this particular one – I just had to do it quickly but the colours are terrible.

The palette for this look is up to you.

This is a version of my standby when invited for tea at the last minute (with friends, though, not anywhere particularly nice) and it includes:

A grey hijab – (only in this instance as ever)

A summer dress with a long sleeve tee underneath

Cardigan (for the weather)

Blue skinny jeans and the shoes.

And that concludes the Hijabi Mermaid series. Thus far I have worn the mermaid shoes out (but sadly not with any of the above outfits yet) to visit a sick relative, and to attend a theatre audition. As I said to the woman sitting next to me:

“When you’re about to do something terrifying, make sure you have nice shoes to distract you.” Seriously… I wish being a comedienne was seen as a viable career option. There was so much innuendo which apparently only I found chuckle worthy.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~




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