Birthdays Inc.

Hello Escritori,

Since Christmas is now over, I can use the lessons from Youtube gift-wrapping tutorials on Dad’s and Mum’s birthdays.


There’s currently a rustic fad for wrapping things up in brown paper and string a la Maria von Trapp. In order to riff off this idea; (and to match Dad’s star card) I used a C5 manila envelope to make gift-wrap. As an envelope it wasn’t quite big or strong enough, so to turn it into paper that could be wrapped tighter, I cut down one length seam to open it out. The side that shows the reinforced seams and still looks like an envelope needs to be on the inside.


On the outside, with my trusty gold pen, I drew and coloured stars at intervals, then outlined them with black pen.I think it’s necessary to outline them because the tone of the brown paper is quite close to the tone of the gold pigment. It would probably be better to use silver, or white. Once that was done, I wrapped the present and then added a wide gold ribbon.


Dad’s star card featured a star shape cut out of sketchpad paper and then filled in with cross-sections of some  geometric Ikea stickers  with a copper accent. The corners were also embellished this way, and extra space was filled using lilac washi tape. Stars for a star!


Then I turned my attention to Mum’s birthday card. I found a design I liked then set about copying it. Instead of sequins, the original design had coloured paper dots made using a hole punch. This is fun if you have coloured paper or want to recycle… but I had a bag of sequins available which is slightly more fun. And sparkly.


The main, difficult component was making the contrasting coloured envelope to the colour of your card. As my birthday post will show, I am atrocious at making envelopes, so I thought why not make it out of another envelope… and just sort of, shrink it? As it turned out this was silly, but here’s a method:

Cut two rectangles out of your contrast colour paper.

Take one and cut a downward pointing triangle out of it downwards from the top two corners. So that you have sort of… joined upward-pointing fangs.

Stick this on top of the complete rectangle using glue on the lower perimeter.

You now have something that looks like an open envelope pouch.

Cut another triangle which is slightly larger which will go over the top length to be the envelope’s open flap, like a roof.

You can either stick this to the envelope to complete it, and paste the whole envelope to your card OR you can stick the roof flap to the card and line the pouch up with it, before sticking it down neatly. 

Unfortunately I only had a white envelope to do this with, which had a geometric pattern on the inside. It didn’t show up much on the card, so I added some lace-effect washi tape to it. All that was left then was to consider the placement of the sequins and then stick them down. Add your greeting of choice and voila.


Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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