Favourite Fins Outfit 4

Hello Escritori,

Love your summer maxi dress? This is the easiest mermaid outfit yet as it’s effectively  an all in one, but if you fancy something a bit warmer then an abaya, jilbab or jumpsuit also looks good (the last with a long cardigan). Well cut, thick jersey dresses, or long wrap-over dresses also work for this if you’re nippy.

Hijabis are no strangers to layering up their summer favourites – even in summer – by winter, we’re pros. The best thing to do when confronted with sleeveless maxi dresses is to always go for wide straps if you can’t get even half sleeves because then you won’t look as incongruous when you stick a long sleeved tee underneath.The more well endowed of us also benefit from wide straps, not everyone can pull off what feels like a longer version of  90s slip dresses over t-shirts and not feel odd, and slightly precarious.


Sometimes a tee just won’t do, so a waterfall, full length or cropped cardigan, blazer, kimono or favourite jacket will sort out arm coverage. If you’re moving from the outside to a heated office though, another good cheat is to use an unbuttoned long-line, long sleeve shirt dress, (or over-size shirt) to use as an outer layer over your dress (a D.I.Y open abaya!) instead of thicker outerwear.Choose the right fabric and it won’t look like something you’ve slung on for getting out of the pool.

The palette for this outfit is: (up to you really!) As one or more items may be multicoloured or print.

The items include:

A grey  hijab – As in most of these looks! Any neutral will do.

A maxi dress/abaya.jumpsuit – I only put a black dress/abaya in the illustration as this is likely to be a staple piece.

A shirt dress (for use as outerwear.) – Long and with long sleeves is preferable, remove, or use any included waist tie as a coat belt if desired.

Keep swimming,

~ Pola ~



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