Sunday Song

Hello Escritori,

Random pretty blog tile for no discernible reason… Ha! I had a poem queued up for this week, but because the poem was slightly too personal I didn’t really think I could post it. Additionally it was really only one of those pieces of work written to frame the one exceptional couplet that was the power punch of the piece.


This is the exceptional couplet that you thought of – I say thought of – because it popped in while you were musing that it’s getting a lot colder and as soon as you can feel your nose and other extremities, you will write down the couplet you are repeating in your mind so you don’t forget it… because it’s genius that appeared on the ether.

Then you start thinking about dinner and you’ve forgotten it.

Anyway I’m afraid that I couldn’t produce a replacement at short notice, but in the interests of taking you all to a wonderful place, 😉 here is some transcendental music from Lianne La Havas. She’s a tonic.

This particularly track feels like Goldfrapp in production terms: with a very soulful, almost Jessie Ware-like vocal, but smokier. She is who she is, and that is awesome… like an angel of soul. Recently I was told by a (female) friend, that I was ‘unapologetically girly’ – which I find hilarious because I ‘out bruv and out banter’ every guy I meet in an excess of disavowal.

I don’t particularly safe showing feminine energy to guys. But this track is just… effervescent and powerful. I feel like she celebrates this energy. And I’m there.

I also recommend What You Don’t Do – anthem for the well loved, decent dudes in our lives.

Keep scribbling, you unstoppable forces!

~ Pola ~


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