“Favourite Fins” Outfit 3

Hello Escritori,

Today’s outfit is very ladylike and comprises of a casual shirt, (the kind with rolled up sleeves and and little tab to hold them up with a button.) We’re going to deliberately roll the sleeves down, and do the cuff buttons up for maximum coverage and a little bit of volume. You can also use any kind of long sleeve white dress shirt, although one with tucks or pleating details look smarter, more expensive and interesting in texture.

If not a covered lady but still liking the idea of a mermaid maxi, an off the shoulder velour top in any blue tone might also look striking; those averse to excessive flesh flashing might not mind a bit of shoulder, which is understated and feminine. Otherwise a t-shirt on a beach/mermaid theme is a more casual spin on the look, like my Palm Beach one.

The palette for this look is IVORY/WHITE and NAVY BLUE. In real life this skirt is actually more of a taupe tone with a hint of pink.

This is more of a typical nautical cruise look in colour tones, with a satiny polyester maxi skirt. These can also be switched out for a crisp white wide-leg trouser,  or dark wash boot-cut jeans or ivory/camel chinos. I chose a skirt as in Outfit 2 but because I know the blouse will be shorter, this allows the skirt to flow around more than it would under a dress. Also because the polyester type is satiny it will catch the light and the tone is quite pearly too.

I’ve decided to feature a different scarf, in an ivory tone. The grey scarf used previously has silver glitter on it, so to mimic shimmer and bubbles again, the ivory scarf has a diffuse border of small mirrored-finish rhinestones.

Keep swimming,

~ Pola ~



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