Poetry (69)

Hello Escritori,

This one just happened, I don’t even really understand it myself exactly. It’s completely fictional, but does channel the odd bitter philosophy I’ve considered from time to time. It could be construed as desperate. God knows. Although there are times when I sometimes wonder at my own silly, persistently spiritual angle on things.

This one is super Greek and quite frenetic. A bit breathless and random.



Agapi Mou

Do you want to know something strange?

There’s a time when the desire

To conquer loneliness

Overwhelms the fear of change

So if you go about it right

You might just be my kryptonite.


There are only cold embraces

In my crypt tonight

But I’m far more starved

Of touch than light.

Heat, runs along my veins

Like the fluttering whirr of

The wings of Hermes

In the briefest blur of flight.

And in a cry of keening purity

I fall like Icarus

Into a sea of dreams

Without respite.


Trying to sense your essence

And to plot your symmetry

So my third eye can knowingly

See you before I do.

Say I am beautiful

In all the words you can read

Give me the apple of the Hesperides.


There is the merest whisper

Of cologne and pheromones.

And every woman in the room

Is bound to enfold you

In an invisible signature

Of scent.

Without a single stroke

(Of a pen at least)

I think in wry disgrace…


I unsheathe my smile

Knowing the injustice of every case:

That Woman lives and dies

By the sword of her face.


But I know that you’d know me.

Amazon or not…

In any time or place.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 02/12/2016.)





2 thoughts on “Poetry (69)

  1. the sword of her face, such a great way of putting it. Have been on a Greek kick recently myself, not too many happily ever afters (actually, are there any? turning into a bird doesn’t count, even despite how I feel about birds)


    1. There’s a lot of birds, aye! No, not usually happily ever after – rather more of a smash and grab and wait to get smited by Zeus if Zeus wasn’t the one who was responsible. (Which c’mon… ) haha.


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