“Favourite Fins” Outfit 2

Hello Escritori,

Unfortunately I didn’t get the Christmas job. But I had a dream on the morning of the 6th of December that I should write to a Production Company. Actually writing. With envelopes. So I just might. Calls to Adventure always happen when the Hero decides to take a dream seriously.

Today’s outfit is built around how to wear a  mid-length summer dress, tunic or skater dress in Autumn/Winter – to suit a mermaid theme. This look has two totally crinkly, floaty mermaid-y items in this outfit, the hijab and the maxi skirt.

The reason I say summer dress specifically though, is because summer dresses sometimes have tropical prints, or blue-tones. I sewed this dress from the cotton fabric, constructing an empire line bodice out of ELEVEN pieces. It is really odd to see your clothes on a model! Literally every bit of pattern up top was a separate panel or a facing.

The overall effect is a bit more jellyfish than mermaid!

I know this might look a bit odd, but when I refer to this dress I call it ‘abstract nautical’ because the semi-circle print on the bodice with lines running through looked like shell prints to me. The skirt part has a scrolled pale blue motif that looks like waves. The maroon is a choice I would never put with light blue, but as it’s nearly grey I think that works.

The colour palette of this outfit is: GREY, MAROON and BLACK.

I usually use a rule of three with colour. I sometimes create visual “pairs” with accessories and leave an accent colour for interest.

This particular outfit is composed of:

A grey headscarf – Nothing stopping you wearing a neck-scarf if you’re not a covered lady!

A multi-coloured short summer dress – You can also use a complementary colour peplum top or long-line tee.

A long sleeve maroon tee – Purely for arm coverage, and/or nippy weather.

A lightweight, maroon crinkled viscose skirt – This is to add length and a bit dressier volume if you’re a sociable evening mermaid. Pick out a colour from your dress to accentuate in the skirt, and match your under-tee  in that tone as well.

OPTIONAL –  A beaded or sequin evening bag. And of course, the shoes.

Keep swimming,

~ Pola ~


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