C.B.T. Sixth Session

Hello Escritori,

Well dear Peepsickles, after my last session of C.B.T. last week, I had a job interview. Don’t get too excited, it’s just for Christmas. I got good feedback and I’ll find out relatively soon. I’ve been out of action for three months and seem to be getting it at last that beating myself up about it doesn’t help.


I am seeking scripting, proofing, editing and writing work whilst back helping out at the theatre. It’s the only way to appear a viable grown up, seeing the glowing eyes of children relating to you as a Keeper of the Flame. Also I get called a lady quite a lot. It automatically makes me think of film noir. 

“What a broad…”

“That dame aint a broad… She’s a lady.”

As regards work, I can sell things to people quite well so I do that occasionally until I can’t any more. Plus I have to do something to fill that bizarre malaise between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Much more importantly I bought an amazing, thin  and fitted, stretchy, knitted acrylic hat that is perfect for wearing under my hijab so my head is WARM and I don’t get chills. Reasons to be thankful. It has really improved my life day to day!

So the last session of C.B.T. was about medication and the promotion of a good sleep routine. I learnt a bit more about medication than I knew before, none of it particularly positive – and then about sleep cycles. I am forever proselytising about the importance of good sleep environments and routines. There were a few things I didn’t know but I definitely advocate the importance of getting sleep – and in the right amounts. After that we set some future goals but I’m going to take time to revise each week’s exercises and try to apply them.

It all boils down to coding your bed as psychologically only for relaxation, relations and sleep. The second you start reading in bed even, your brain rewires the association as an active space. Most people will work or watch a screen in a bedroom but the key is not to code your bed that way. Cosy up, People. Wake up at a regular time and make the space conducive to a good night’s sleep. Distance yourself from devices. Not really much more than common sense to report for the close of C.B.T. Overall it was a good general grounding, very calming, but it flagged up a few more complex topics for me.

Keep scribbling.

~ Pola ~






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