“Favourite Fins” Outfit 1

Hello Escritori,

Here begins a brand new series inspired by Lynn Love and on how to dress like a hijabi mermaid; because you feel bad about buying a fancy pair of shoes and are excited about dressing to match them.

She thought it would be glamorous. My biggest connection to fashion is a G.C.S.E in Textiles. I am not a designer at all. In fact I’m cringing at my colouring skills, (rocking some pastels) but it is JUST to give you the idea. Forgive me for lacking in sea visuals to accompany the doodles.

If you don’t have similar items or can’t cheat your way to it with some substitutes then the colour palette of this outfit is in jewel tones: SEA GREEN, PALE GREY AND FOREST/KHAKI GREEN.  

I usually use a rule of three with colour. I sometimes create visual “pairs” with accessories and leave an accent colour for interest.If you are bolder and not matchy-matchy, I salute you!

This particular outfit is composed of:

A pale grey headscarf – nothing stopping you wearing a neckscarf if you’re not a covered lady!

A pearl headband – rope or rope-twisted metal also looks nautical in any accessory. Jewellery made from long strings of semi-precious stone chips also look like aquatic plants.

A sea-green/teal sweater dress or any tunic –  If you have a shorter sweater, wear a longline shirt or t-shirt underneath it for extra length and coverage, OR you can wear a complementary coloured duster waistcoat over the top.

Forest/Khaki harem pants – Other items that work are jade dyed denim, anything in a green-green rather than blue green tone. The tone change is different but not too daring and should give you a nice long line, although harem pants are slouchier.

And of course, the shoes.

I like the colour pairing as it reminds me of deep sea and seaweed together.

Keep swimming,

~ Pola ~




6 thoughts on ““Favourite Fins” Outfit 1

  1. Nicely done, Pola! Gorgeous colours, though I must say, those shoes will just finish the mermaid look perfectly. Sadly, not sure I have enough green to put a similar outfir together, but it does look lovely. And thanks for the mention 🙂


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