C.B.T Fifth Session

Hello Escritori,

Sorry for the break in the visuals in this series… but it’s still C.B.T. It’s been really nice for everyone to organically discover that we all feel the same way about stress and want to beat it.


The chill air of Winter just hits my face, nose and head. Right about now would be when I would change my hijabs to warmer things like shawls and pashminas but then you run the risk of overheating. It’s a delicate balance which leaves me trying to thaw out and which can leave the nerves jangling in my jaw.

I went to the dentist, only to find that she was one of my old classmates from school. She is beautiful, qualified, married, has recently bought a house and has a puppy. We all know that a puppy is essentially a Mock-Baby. Someone that beautiful obviously has strong genes.

God it was horrible. Forget the puppy.

COMPARISON is the reason I’ve left Social Media but because she is so nice it would be wasteful to dislike her. I made so many stupid jokes in an attempt to seem bubbly and blasΓ©. After I had to get routine X-rays, I said:

“I haven’t exchanged this much saliva in one sitting in a REALLY long time…”

She laughed and so did the Nurse. Later, I wished I’d been swallowed up by the chair. I wonder how people would react if they realised that most natural comedians use comedy to hide an innate affinity to despair; how we are all: ‘Patience on a monument, smiling at Grief.’

Anyway, this week’s C.B.T. session was exclusively about Panic Attacks and how, regardless of the cause, trigger or symptoms (if there are any) on a biological level it has to do with the exchange of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the blood. Usually this is a perfectly balanced equation, but if you cause any shifts when stressed, such as sighing or yawning, you’re playing with that balance.

An increase in Oxygen is vital against a predator as part of Fight or Flight, but if you have too much Oxygen in you as a result and don’t use it in a combat or high action situation, the safest thing for your body to do in order to USE this excess, is to have a Panic Attack until you have more CO2 in your system and become sufficiently re-balanced. This was a eureka moment for me.

Box Breathing would be really helpful for me personally. You breathe in for three counts, hold it for three counts, then exhale for three counts, catch the end of the exhale for three counts and repeat as if sketching a square in the air. This gives your brain something logical to fix on, while you can tell your emotional side: It’s okay. I know what this is – ie. just an imbalance which will be fine in time. As for the rest of life….

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


17 thoughts on “C.B.T Fifth Session

  1. I understand using comedy like that. What’s funny is that the days I feel confident and good and don’t use it, are the days people think something is wrong. I’m low or upset or in a bad mood coz I am not as Jolly as I normally am. Ironic, isn’t it? πŸ™‚


  2. Hey there!

    How are you doing?

    I realised I’ve been a bit quiet at my end, so I thought I’d get dolled up and drop by (god, why am I using this expression? I’ve never used this expression in my life! Oh well… always a first time). C.B.T. sounds very interesting and useful – for everyone, I mean. Maybe we should all do it! What you describe sounds a lot like meditation/yoga minus visualisation exercises. Admittedly the abbreviation just sounds like a sandwich to me (nah, I’m not hungry… πŸ˜› ).

    As for the comedy thing, I guess the whole ‘tears of a clown’ thing is a stereotype for a reason?


    1. Hi. It took me a while to realise that that is a quote from Aladdin. ”…Prince Ali/Heard your Princess was a sight lovely to see/So that good people is why/He got dolled up and dropped by/With sixty elephants/Camels galore…’ (Cheers Wolf, but mind the carpet eh..?.)

      Let me just bust out my blue scrunchie to channel Jasmine with. Oh very dROLL.

      Absolutely. Tears of a clown. My shoes are wet. I stole them from a mermaid.

      Jokes aside, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that proofing service you work for? Could I get a link? I should really get on that… make a few work-from-home profiles… just feel a bit nervous about where to start, what is viable… how to go forth. Help a brotha out genie-us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r21fH-ysABs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey there!

        Yes, it is! (I shall be very careful with the carpet)

        The proofing service is called Proofers: http://www.proofers.co.uk/ . They’ve been quite quiet recently (at least, I’ve not received anything… then again, I’ve been busy with uni stuff). Would you like me to forward them your details?

        I too have been trying to re-launch my freelancing but again, not sure where to begin. Started by revamping an old blog.

        [Also, I’d never heard that version before!]


      2. Thaaaaank you so much. No I’ll do a bit of casing the joint first if you don’t mind… Good luck with the freelance game. How’s the voice collecting going? Oh and yeah, it’s a good version!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. My pleasure! Thanks – I hope I can make it…not sure how it’ll work yet, but I guess that’s part of the ‘fun’? I only have one voice so far! 😦


      4. Awwww, you don’t have to! Still, six accents are fine with me! hehehe
        Technically speaking, I have two recordings in total – one that someone sent me, and one of my own voice that I have yet to record. πŸ˜›


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