Poetry (66)



Natural Fireworks

The world is on fire

And it looks beautiful

Against the bleached

Marbled grey

Of the sky.


Sunsets are pallid and go awry

Autumn is the season in which

Rainbows go to die.


And the ripe essence of a ruby

Alive beyond belief,

Explodes in the heart of

A maple leaf.


The world is on fire,

Abundant with

Numberless riches.

There is some savage

Joy in witnessing

The timeless destruction

Of everything

The season touches.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 04/11/2016.)




10 thoughts on “Poetry (66)

    1. Thank you Woven Eclipse! Welcome to The Escritorium. Poems on Sundays, chatting on Thursdays usually and health things on Tuesdays. Take your pick! Best to explore as I have flash and serials as well. ~ P ~

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