A Sparkly Sensibility

Hello Escritori,

Today I shall tell you a tale of temptation, a girl and a pair of gold boots. The telling of it requires a digression into the realm of eye-makeup…

From fantasy…

People often ascribe the words shiny and sparkly to my personality, an impression which is sometimes aesthetically echoed. If going out and in pretence of making an effort (sans eyeliner) I will use a creamy bronze pencil eye-shadow with fine glittery particles in it.

Then for good measure I will often use some champagne glitter liner that I bought for Wedding Season, but as a secondary setting layer. Wobbles of mascara, fast lip balm and I’m out of the door. That’s how I include sparkle in my life.

However I was visited in summer by the two headed Hydra of Trends and Nostalgia, for I coveted… the glitter jelly shoe. When I was a blue-gingham school dress wearing child of the English summer, my Mum’s only concession to cool was to buy me silver-glitter jelly shoes. So when they came back around, I considered buying some.

While in pre-purchase evaluation mode, I remembered one vital thing: When your feet get hot in summer from wearing socks in plastic, you might want to go barefoot in your jellies. Just remember that feet sweat and your potential for injury exponentially increases.

Youtube, (the Fairy Godmother of Grown-Ups) has a hack for that: involving gel insoles. But by that point I’d thought better of it. I also realised that the standard design of jelly shoes is essentially utilitarian and ugly. I escaped the Hydra and glittery regret.

Now though come glittery boots. Much more practical than jellies. They are also tastefully neutral. In effect, you won’t look like you just PVA’d your shoes and purloined a glitter cannon. However, sometimes when I buy “cool” items like this jacket here, I end up not wearing them as much as I had hoped to.

To reality…

I have one pair of sensible boots for repeat use every A/W. I bought them a size too big because they fit better at the time but then they loosened out. Nonetheless I train myself to walk in them every year with a combination of trainer insoles and bouclé socks over tights to help chunk up. It does feel good to become magically taller although the added extras are a pain.

I know it doesn’t make economic sense to buy these gold boots unless I buy them in the right size and wear them with everything. Day to day I’m in leather shoes, hike/jog in trainers designed for running and enter social hibernation in winter so that also doesn’t justify buying them. Failing that I also always have my Mother’s voice in my head.

So instead I took a picture for posterity. In actuality they make my feet look huge, cut up the line of my leg visually and are very difficult to get on and off.

Instead I resolve to wear my jacket, once cake-plumped decolletage decreases.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


5 thoughts on “A Sparkly Sensibility

    1. Ahaha. Great alliteration and very true.That sounds like one of your microfictions! You’ve had vengeful carnivorous fur coats – now SOUL SUCKING shoes: squid succubi! In Islam, the soul leaves the body through the feet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Squid Succubi? Love it! Interesting the soul leaves through the feet. Does that mean you have to remove someone’s shoes if they’re dying? Sorry if that’s a stupid question – really not meant to be. Just curious.


  1. There is a very fast turn around as the body has to be interred ideally in the next 24 hours. I believe you wash the body quite soon after death to prepare it for burial… I’m pretty sure angels (whose job it is to remove the soul) wouldn’t be impeded by shoes but I don’t rightly know, as they say in the Midlands.


  2. You wouldn’t need to take of the shoes as death begins medically from the circulation cutting at the feet and the soul is drawn out from the feet up through the throat and outwards like when you squeeze a tube of toothpaste from the bottom up. Only repeating things from websites, accuracy not assured.


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