Poetry (65)

Hello Escritori,

Unfortunately I couldn’t think of anything to help aptly mark Remembrance Sunday. I’m going to have to go ahead with this poem I mentioned to Lynn a while ago. Fret ye not dear Readers, the Black Dog has passed since this was written.


The Mournful Mermaid

I despise this descent

Into apathy.

The feeling that I exist

Only to embody

A shambling apology

Of the person I could be.


I hate that I begin

To disgust me.


This illness is

A slick, black cobra;

With its executioner’s hood

Unfurling again:

From the dry husk

Of my everyday skin.

With venom that looks

As innocuous as milk.


I know it has a name,

But that doesn’t make

A difference to anything.

It’s the existential complaint

Of a dehydrated mermaid:



The word itself makes sense.

Subdues, represses, reduces.

It compresses like a corset:

Panels of bone, solid, dense.

I pity the whale it came from.

Brother. Belovéd.


He and I are transmuted.

The extremity of our

Difference now suggests

It is better to be alone.


“Endure,” everyone says,

“Il faut souffrir pour être belle.”


But instead;

He and I

Assist in the mystique

Of moulding Woman.

Whilst inside

We voluptuously,


Weeping out our mutual

Alien salt

To all those who can tell.


When the scales fall

From their eyes,

I must confess

That they came

From my tail.

And furthermore

That all at present

Is not quite well.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 23/10/2016.)





7 thoughts on “Poetry (65)

    1. ❤ Thanks. It was at the heart of the "Guh, I'm having a bijillion tests, what's wrong with me, I'm so tired" phase. Now popping my vitamin D and walking as much as possible. Head's still negative at times. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Vit D is a good one to take and we’re all so deficient here it’s like a national disease! Well done for ramping up your activity – not easy when you’re feeling low. Take care 🙂


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