Poetry (64)

Hello Escritori,

It transpired that my Thursday post on tidying (sorry, seems like a bit of a theme for a bit longer…) was in fact my 200th post. I’ll let WP keep count as it seems to be far more excited. I’m more excited about followers.

Today’s offering is in Spanish on purpose because it just arrived that way in my head. It is very simple, but also extravagantly emotional. For a Brit. I hope you like it. Happy Sunday.


Como Romero

Mi amor,

Mi amor,

Mi amor,

El olor de ti

Es como romero

Verde y vital.


Te amo,

Te amo,

Te amo,


Una pieza


De su alma

Que ha persistido

Entre mis dedos


Te amo

Y no quiero

Dejarte también.


En esta manera,

Con hojas de romero,

Te tengo tanto

En mis manos

Como en mi



(© Copyright Pola Negri, 16/10/2016.)




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