Autumn Wardrobe Palette Edit

Hello Escritori,

A lot of health related things are happening right now. Appointments, tests, research and such, in tandem with me having paradigm shifts around the concept that my career may now be dictated not by my talents but solely by the amount of energy I have to achieve things. I’m gathering intel on all of that. Being your own health advocate is tough.

So I thought I’d do a post that I considered to be utterly frivolous since I am not a fashionista but according to my friends, always manage to be uniformly well turned out. I’ve been doing a big wardrobe edit of Fall colours lately, and a branded tee that I will probably genuinely now live, work out and sleep in because it is desi beyond words.

I’m sort of part shopping my wardrobe in terms of practical staples.

I have very Autumy cardigans here, orange angora and wool, so snuggly:


Two sweaters, one olive-khaki, one teal-ish sea-green. I love the colour but now have no idea what to wear with it! Dare I try pink? Most of these I would pair with dark denim, lots of layers and maybe the occasional high sheen satins for… a little bit of luxe optimism in the relentless winter.


A cute currant coloured beanie hat:


A two pack of black and white and burnt orange/cinnamon lightweight snoods.


Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve only just got on this bandwagon now. Snoods are the perfect “starter hijab” for new hijabis. They are so easy, but maybe a little too thin for cold weather:

  1. Put on your bonnet/under cap.
  2. Find the joining seam of the snood and put your head through the loop, so that the seam sits neatly on top of your head, like a centre parting.
  3. Pinch the two sides together underneath your chin and pin.

This will now look like you are putting your head through the top circle of a figure 8.

4.Twist the second loop (the bottom half of the 8) a little and bring it back over your head as a second layer and place wherever you want it to sit.

5. Pin these down at the front with two more flat pins, and you’re done.


Now to quite possibly my favourite thing this season. My Sprite tee which was actually filched from the guys section. This is a brilliant South Asian in-joke. If you ever go back to the Motherland, it’s considered good etiquette to give your guests soft-drinks, and 7UP was quickly superseded by Sprite as the citric flavoured fizz of choice.

Only it’s pronounced ‘Suh-Puh-Raaaat’ for as long as humanly possible.

Hope you enjoyed my ‘edit plus additions’ Autumn palette! Hopefully SOON there will be a good dollop of maroon too! (Placating myself with eggplant purples and many other tactile fabrics… the odd bit of embroidery, and a dash of mode militaire… )

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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