Flying Tiger, Delighted Pola

Hello Escritori,

I’ve been going in and out of town lately and in the manner of King Richard, silently screaming “Maroon, maroon, my kingdom for a maroon cardigoon!” (because it rhymes better and I’m dying to do berry, berry nice puns.)

It appears there won’t be any in, in my size until next week. The maroon is the life. In the meantime, I am typing this while wearing a fluffy, wool, cable-knit orange cardigan.

I swear this post will not be about cardigans; but it will be about things that are also theoretically orange.

Such as flying tigers. Art of the segue, lesson one…

I was walking by when a lovely shop front caught my eye. I am a bit obsessed with Copehagen’s whole handicrafts, homemade arty scene, so Flying Tiger Copenhagen was like a magnetic force field. It was full of similarly bespectacled grown-ups walking around, calmly shedding their cares and pointing and giggling, their inner children gleeful.


This is a very fun store, full of art supplies, craft bits, quirky ceramics, toys, kits, greetings cards and homeware. You know life is full of joy when you walk into a store where everything looks like something else:

Ooooh! A kitchen timer shaped like a cupcake! Awesome! A banana pencil case, bahahaha.


Here’s some fun stuff, including girl pens that I immediately photographed, saying to my friend “It’s us! I even have that green sweater now!” and also cookie stamps.

This is obviously for bakers who want to look like they’ve made an effort when they really can’t be bothered to make an effort. Which is me, most days, with everything in life apart from baking, which I just don’t do.

This bastion of Danish whimsy would even make Hamlet laugh I reckon. He knows a hawk from a handsaw…

I didn’t buy anything but I was very tempted, its atmosphere was super-calm and clean and creative, like an organised play space and it was a lot of fun.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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