Poetry (60)

Hello Escritori,

Today I’m reflecting that it was quite an odd but nice week in terms of not feeling at my best because of bipolar, and trying to jump in to stop that blip with TBG’s help.

The nice part was getting a vote of confidence by being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. However it has lengthened the posting week for those of you waiting for The White Room Part II on Tuesday. Please do read it, I’ve deliberately tried to make the tiles uniform so that it’s easier to find, and I will always link to it.


What You Must Understand

What you must understand

About me,

Is that I fight demons in my head

And vampires in my dreams.


Mine is a restless world

But not always dark

Although I observe it through grey lenses

Tinted because the sun is too bright

For my eyes.


Rather, think of me as

Uniquely qualified

Having walked through a door

In the mind and gained a sight

That I did not ask for

With a call I must requite.


I subdue everything

With tears and prayers,

And hope always to arm myself

So I’m not caught unawares

By the core-held beliefs

And soul shaking screams

Of those who are desolate

Fighting vampires in their dreams.


What you must understand about me

Is that I am weary, and broken.

I may still be beautiful

But that is just a surface token.


And what scares me more

Than demons and vampires

(Illusions of excess,

Embodying dysfunction

And fright)

Is the idea that someone might

Possibly… Willingly…

Want to hold me

Through the night.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 25/09/2016.)




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