Poetry (58)

Hello Escritori,

Here’s a slightly odd poem from me this week.


Jeff Buckley’s Wife


Oh! You kissed me.


And I was ever a happy pilgrim

Before I was struck dumb

And had interrupted;

My pure orisons.


Look what you’ve done,

You’ve polluted my tongue.


In another life

I should have been

Jeff Buckley’s wife.

I should have come over

To drink lilac wine

And in the haze

Achieved a state of grace

In the darkness of Sin-é

To love so completely

A man who was

The second coming

Of Keats. Probably.


But only you could rob me blind

And call it love in hindsight.

A kingdom for a kiss

Jeff gladly would pay this.

Why not you?



Look what you’ve done

You’ve polluted my tongue

By doing this…


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 1o/09/2016.)



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