A Transitional Piece

Hello Escritori,

It was the second Eid of the year on Monday, Eid al Adha and before you ask, no it’s not like having two Christmases. This is the three day long Eid which we just shorthand ‘Big Eid’ as different from ‘Little Eid’ after Ramadan. We do not receive presents on this Eid and are obligated to offer a sacrifice. This year ‘Big Eid’ was a muted affair but pleasant enough.

I’ve just tried switching up my blog theme but not liked anything. I’d like to be cleaner and artier, opposed to cluttered and overly visual; but I can’t seem to settle into something new.


My blog tiles are usually a clashing riot of random clickable visuals, people have been very nice about it, but it’s not particularly uniform in aesthetic. I don’t really know if I’m scholarly, or silly, or both. I also don’t mind telling you that however elegant the current Regency palette of black, white and sepia has been lately, (courtesy of my jaunt in Bath) it’s also a bit depressing. There’s something not quite me about it.

I mean, I don’t want The Escritorium to mistaken for an undertaker’s website….

I think this is just part of my ‘Autumnal Second Wind’ where I just want to shake things up before the year is out. I love Autumn, and I am super excited by back to school stationery. (I am so past school I ought to be ashamed.)

But seriously. I got excited about copper paperclips this morning. 

Blogger mind blown.

I also love Autumn fashion. I was really upset last year when I couldn’t find a single maroon top or sweater. All berry tones were nowhere to be found. Also as a hijabi, it’s refreshing not to be the only one in a bajillion layers. For one season of the year you’re just like everyone else in England.

Bloody freezing. 

However, we obviously have more experience of effective and stylish cold weather dressing. I’m pretty sure British hijabis are the best in the world at this.

I genuinely don’t NEED any new clothes this year. If anything I have been giving a lot of things to charity, but I have a few vouchers so I might do a mini haul of accessories. I do like a good beanie hat in A/W. They are the perfect winter hat because they stretch over hijab, I’m anti hijab and hats mainly, but beanies and chullos tend to work well.

And it’s peak season for Glove Watch… So what’s not to love? 

I think this restiveness will abate when there are harmonious visuals on the blog – may have to just put some thought in. I also started a temp job on Tuesday which yay, funds my new wardrobe (mainly hats) and I finally got Soulless. It produced a fair few giggles on the humid bus ride home. I shall endeavour to keep up the content and review it soon!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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