Etymology and Camel Etiquette

Hello Escritori,

I’m keeping house at the moment, and just commenting on advance scheduled posts this week and last week. I had so much content ahead of this that I delayed on doing a ‘callback’ to this gag.


Ooohh . . . very pretty. My only idea: you can turn two of the h’s upside down, and write “thut thut.” When somebody asks you what it means, say it’s an ancient foreign phrase that means “extremely awesome.” – C.M Blackwood.

Of course she was blissfully unaware that the Oracle of Google told me:

The ‘thut‘ is essentially the area between your upper thigh and butt. According to fitness experts, more women are losing definition in this area due to a sedentary cubicle-to-couch lifestyle.


Additionally if you remove the t, you get ‘hut hut’ which is the command you give your camel if you want to speed it up –  probably benefiting your thut definition – here’s Rachel Weiss on the correct pronunciation:

Dang it Rick, where are you?

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


2 thoughts on “Etymology and Camel Etiquette

  1. This made me snort with laughter! I’ve been busy catching up on things on my end as well- it’s nice to break up all that backlog with a little bit of humor, right? Glad to read you still have yours!


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