Regency Skit (2)

Hello Escritori,

There is potential for one more skit, but do catch up on R S (1).

The Tale of the Governess and the Dandy

(Emily and George.)


George  – Have you heard the news ma’am?

Emily  – What news?

George – That the dashing Samuel and the delightful Madalene, virginal strumpet that she is, are hitching up forthwith. Either that or she was seen hitching up her flouncy skirt….

Emily –  All those flounces are highly immoral.


George – Oh I agree. Shall you… be… attending then?

Emily – I expect so. Sweet Death Patisserie gives discounts to Confirmed Poltergeists and Single Grey Ladies so I must purchase the cake. Luckily ethereal ones float in unaided…

George – You mean she took commercial advantage of you?!

Emily – It was a favour for an acquaintance.

George – You’re far too amiable. It’ll be ghastly. There’s a terrible dearth of male attire in this museum…

Emily – Hmm. Here are my selections for the cake. The best Ethereal Wedding Cakes in all of Bath. So newly ghostly they arrive in tiers.

20160815_150817-1-1 20160815_150756-1

George –  Fancy. I wager you would snare more beaux if you took off your shawl Em…You have a lovely decolletage, although such things aren’t my mettier.

Emily – Well really Sir!

George – Oh don’t feign offended sensibilities…

Emily – The cake. Ribbon or Rustic?

George – The envy will be unbearable if you’re not there for sport.

Emily – I will be your honorary Molly. I always am.

George – Bless you dear heart. Mark your dance card for at least two Scotch reels. If we cannot drink it, by Heaven! We. Shall. Dance It! And to the Deuce with their felicity!

Emily – Quiet down, or you shall wear a dunce cap for saying, ‘that word’ on a Sunday.

George – And it would look very fetching too – if I had a head.


I am so sorry that I cannot credit the patisserie that produced these beautiful cakes because I just can’t remember what it was called!




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