Regency Skit (1)

Hello Escritori,

This little skit suggested itself after seeing this pair tableau in The Fashion Museum. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know how suggestible I am about the emotions of inanimate objects, or in fact, mannequins wearing clothes.


This is clearly a quite respectable couple, whose luxurious pristine virtue I felt duty bound to camp up a bit. There are many wicked uses for a cravat alone, I can tell you…

The Tale of Samuel and Madalene*

Madelene – The visitors are especially attentive today on the other side of the glass. But you look awfully grave, Samuel…

Samuel – We’ve been fixed in this exhibit for a good many years now Madelene.

Madelene – Well. Yes. It’s true we weren’t responsible for the curators’ whims.

Samuel turns away, his impressive chest swelling with emotion for the muslin draped fairy standing behind him.


Samuel – Even so, I thought it the right time to confess that I … have come to feel for you. Passionately. I feel a passionate admiration and respect for you, your independent qualities and your intellectual faculties. Faculties which we both seem to possess in perfect concert: without either of us having heads, and I –

Madalene (very absentmindedly) Sorry….?

Samuel – Pay heed, dearest.

Madalene – Pardon me.  But you look so callipygian in those breeches…

Samuel – You truly think so? Then you must feel –

Madalene – Indeed.

He turns, they regard each other joyfully, then remember that they cannot kiss.

Samuel – Shall we… hold  sleeves?

Madalene – Oh yes! And in time, I may even condescend to show you my petticoat…


 *I’ve used the original 18th Century spelling of this name before people go all ‘Spellcheck’ on my derriere. Also, too late, with frivolity I noticed “S&M.” Heh.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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