Poetry (55)

Hello Escritori,

Here’s this week’s Sunday poem. It feels very clunky, but jump in the comments and let me know, all those with an eye for the craft.



If this is the last letter

I am ever to write,

I must express,

That what

We shared

Was only

A moment.

And I must get it right.



While I lived comfortably

Like a crab on a rock,

You overwhelmed me

With the sea you woke


And helped me

To be the person

I was meant to be

Meant to swim

In those elements



Thank you for nurturing

All that unfurled when

I bloomed in your aura

Almost imperceptibly.


Before you consider this a lament:

I uphold the statement

That you weren’t right.


But I will forever seek that

Element of being known

Out again

With second sight;

By tracing the resonance


Scrawled on the hearts

Of other men.

Just as these experiences

Have also been compressed

Into the elegance

Of this piece of parting lexis.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 18/08/2016.)




6 thoughts on “Poetry (55)

      1. I’m afraid I don’t find it as easy as you to approach and shrug off the subject of suicide, in addition to the fact that she also suffered bipolar. Please respect this.

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  1. This poem was not about suicide at all…! I read it over and thought THAT must be why you even went near the subject. I thought it was a groundless observation apropos of nothing, hence why it shocked me. The poem is like a ‘Dear John’ letter about being overwhelmed by your own awakening but having to part from the person that inspired it. Guh. Sorry. I don’t talk about my work I just do it.


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