Graphic (Set) Design

Hello Escritori,

I’m better after Tuesday’s percolated and long brewing rant…. It appears I have fewer problems with my faith than with having faith in other people. Although a lot of people (not just C.M. Blackwood) think I still deserve to be happy with a latter day Mr Darcy.

Honestly I have no clue.

Anyway, today I have a new ‘make’. Today’s make is a decorative tile with a gold design, worthy of a pantomime sultan’s palace. This has potential for Film or Theatrical Set applications – with a few mass-production tweaks.

Following the push-out card numbers that made Mary 2’s 25th birthday decoration, and their empty frames which (when cut, reassembled and decorated) created the swirly green border of the mendhi thaal – I found a lot of ‘th’ shapes intended to go with the numbers to read ’25th‘ in the original kit.

For Film and Theatre, corrugated card letter components could be cut to spec or try using  the thickest mm MDF you can afford, cut with a jigsaw if you have the budget. Who does though right? Once cut they can be spray painted en masse and glued onto polystyrene sheet tiles with marble effect paintwork on them. Then you can easily hot-glue the completed tiles to your set walls. 


For the small scale make though, don’t bother with a base coat, just colour in the shape with buff or yellow pencil. This creates texture and a barrier in the porous mixed-recycled card and then it won’t soak up the excess gold pigment ink that goes on next.

Find a stronger card for backing, that will take the weight of the pieces. In this case some glued multiple layers of marbled card could be quite a nice touch.

Assemble and glue down your pieces onto your backing tile…. (this was just a bit of paper for photographing purposes.) Et voila. 


There are three important things I’ve learnt in Set Design: scale, texture and attracting light. It has got to be big enough to have a wow factor, with enough detail to be believable, the detail looks more expensive if it has texture in it, and also, try to do whatever you can to be sheeny, shiny, glittery, sparkly and impressively visible all the way to the back rows.

Of course, now I’m left with these tiny, empty letter frames. Any ideas?

Keep scribbling,

         ~ Pola ~



7 thoughts on “Graphic (Set) Design

  1. Ooohh . . . very pretty. My only idea: you can turn two of the h’s upside down, and write “thut thut.” When somebody asks you what it means, say it’s an ancient foreign phrase that means “extremely awesome.”
    Don’t give up on Mr. Darcy, by the way. Just because something’s not there yet, doesn’t mean the idea can’t cheer you. (Just an observation from someone who’s had a lot of practice at waiting for many, many things.) 🙂


    1. Thanks. My Mum looked at it from a certain angle, and read it as ‘tut’ until she turned it the right way up to see the whole design. She assumed I was doing some sort of project on Tutankhamen because I stuck it onto a notebook . So you’re not far off on your ‘ancient foreign phrase’ idea. Always fancied being a Rachel Weiss kickass scholar type.

      Stay thut thut, C.M.

      There was an Ancient Egyptian marriage blessing that went: ‘may a thousand scarab beetles lay eggs in your bed’ I think it was a fertility blessing, also, in marriage I suppose you have to make the most of all kinds of shit so… Darcy is HARD work. All the witty debating, the looking pretty, the dancing, the RELATIVES… It better be worth it. I’m SO done with being in love with love. I’m not likely to get excited until there’s someone really worth it in the frame. Until then, end scene on the dream sequence.

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      1. Got it. That “1000 scarab beetles” thing is super creepy, btw. But hey — the good thing is, the dream of being a “Rachel Weiss kickass scholar type” is totally doable. Just gotta want it, man! (Whenever I think of her, btw, I still see her in the first MUMMY, drinking too much by the fire and saying, “I am a LIBRARIAN!”)


      2. It is very creepy. But knowing me I’d get as annoyed about a thousand rose petals in my bed. So pointless! Great movie though. Hahaha. Evie was so indignantly proper. Librarians are a lot of fun. 😉

        You’re as brimful of hope as I am of self deprecating comedy… Oh that isn’t really a DREAM dream. Just a daydream. I could probably pull it off though. Honestly, just having my accent makes people assume things anyway.

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      3. Accents ARE pretty cool. When I did the trailer for my book, I faked an English accent. No one seemed to be able to tell it was fake. A real English person would probably know, though 🙂


      4. Yeah I probably would. I deliberately watch movies where actors are putting on accents and I make a game out of their slips. Or I do the reverse thing and go “Oh… he’s definitely an Australian actor doing a Southern accent *googles* *smug* I love being right.” But then I also help people do it if they ask me too. I’m not a diction coach but I like helping podcast presenters and fan-fic actors. 🙂

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