Greetings and Dreaming

Hello Escritori,

If there’s any true point to this post, it’s that I want to take the opportunity to say hello and welcome to my new followers. 🙂 Due to time and not knowing WHERE to post on people’s posts, I’ve had to think how and where to thank people for joining The Escritorium but I’d like you all to know that it is appreciated.


As a mark of membership, here’s a free Invisible Pen of Whimsy. If nothing else you can use it to do the crosswords, draw a moustache on your workmate, or scrawl subversive graffiti in fourteenth century profane language. E.G – ‘The CEO is a queynte’.

Yeah, maybe don’t do that.

On Saturday I injured myself in Pair 3 of the shoes in the Cinderella Central post. Friction abrasion… my heel got skinned, lost said skin, bled and stung more than Sting (the singer) and Sting (the Elven blade) put together when washed. Initially this was diasterous because I planned to go on an amazing day trip to Bath, where I one day dream of living.

In a Jane Austen way, not a Sylvia Plath way.

‘The S.P. way’ ostensibly involves assessing an area by its fitness as a location to top yourself – and she often abated this Depressive urge by having very hot baths.

In the quest to be well enough to do serious all day walking on Monday (including through countryside) on Sunday I ate a lot of chicken (protein) in the hope it would speed up the healing process. I was concerned but I think it worked, and I’d paid for the ticket, so. 

To segue, recently one of my friends said:

‘I dream of you doing a poetry reading at my imaginary cafĂ© someday.’

And I ended up asking her about the components of that cafĂ© – and then wrote something set there just for her delectation and delight. I was happy to have got out of my rut to prove that yes, I can write creatively after eight months of nothing but an (admittedly good) picture book idea.

It gives me more chances to prove what I’m good at, and so I’m seeking out more industry based jobs. When you have bipolar, after the crushing low, the bled self confidence and the scraping yourself back up to feeling safe – you do have moments of “Okay, so I’m not 100% confident, but screw it, I have to do what I love, it’s the only damn thing I’m qualified in.” Because let’s face it, life is bad when you don’t, even if doing the job that pays the rent is part of the Master Plan.

So, chores, pain management and thankfulness were the order of the weekend, the week improved dramatically in a long and well lived sunny day and visuals from Bath, (loved at first sight since fourteen years ago) will be up on Thursday iA.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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