Poetry (54)

Hello Escritori,

This poem was produced by stealing intelligent things Zachary Quinto says in his interviews. I told you, we watch, we write, we steal things.

So glad that last week’s offering went down well. Happy Sunday!


Beautiful People

Beautiful People can

Keep you in suspense,

Their attractiveness

Unravelling every defence

Seemingly immediately:

When they, with an excess

Of charisma, launch their

Charm Offensive

Like so many Greek ships.


Or there are those whom

More dangerously

Unknowingly beguile

With the precious

Pearly currency

Of their smile.


But while that pearl dagger

From satin is unsheathed

I can’t help wondering

Whether anything

Lies beneath.


Beautiful People can

Keep you in suspense.

And superficiality

Breeds vacuousness.


Therefore it must

Emphatically be said,

However mysterious

And desirable

The suspense…


Without substance

Is of little consequence.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 08/08/2016.)





10 thoughts on “Poetry (54)

  1. Wouldn’t it be something to meet a beautiful person who was ALSO extremely clever, and who wanted to be no one’s friend but yours? But wait — I think that only happens in books. And then they end up dying tragically.
    So never mind. :0


    1. Well, you carry on living in hope and you might meet a nice girl. As for me, nice (non superficial) boys are very rare and they don’t like Bronte sized girls, in either height or passions it would seem.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think that, in general, you’re right on that score. But then, there are (few and far between — and I DO believe they exist in real life!) the guys like Mark Darcy, who was a bit grouchy, but loved Bridget Jones so much, even with all her eccentricities, that he flew to that Thai prison to save her even when they weren’t getting along. Here’s to your Mark Darcy! πŸ™‚


      1. Then you’re probably more likely to be the person we’re talking about! In charismatic terms, I mean. Not via lack of intelligence. Check YOU out Baby Gaga ‘applause applause applause’ haha.

        Liked by 1 person

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