Life, the Universe and Weddings

Hello Escritori,

Wedding Season finally ended last week.

Unfortunately, at the last event in my brand new shoes, I walked through crowds and into thick wedding cake icing (which had been peeled off by people who don’t understand how expensive it is or in fact may have Diabetes) and somehow crushed into the carpet.

The next morning I’m in the kitchen scraping dried in sugar-paste out of the ridges of each shoe with a cocktail stick. While the sugar was at optimum tackiness it also acquired more dust-bunnies and human hair than the underside of a teenager’s bed. After targeted extraction, I then lovingly scrubbed each sole with a makeup wipe – had to be careful of the black suede – and they look just about serviceable again.

It was Mary 2’s birthday on Monday, but what with wanting to end the Season gracefully (and also being interrupted by a bacchanalia of shoe-buying) I didn’t really feature much about it. May do next week.


I also went out last week with TBG, before the last hurrah of the Season (on the day of the bacchanale di scarpe) and she pronounced me stupid for not buying foundation:

“Pola,  good foundation is – the FOUNDATION – of everything!”

Since neither of us is overly bothered by all that feminine nonsense this was a bitter pill for me to swallow. I rallied, we ate a superb lunch that was excellently priced, (around £4 including tea.) We chatted, drank Earl Grey I modelled the shoes, wobbling my way up and down the thoroughfare of our affordable eatery.

After shoes, we discussed: my marital status, Wedding Season, bipolar, meds and pregnancy (no ideal Y chromosome bearer or zygote to announce), our separate writing, UV lamps, solar powered mason jar lights, and TBG’s pursuit of another BA, this time in Literary Studies.

We haunt bookshops like other twenty-somethings haunt bars I imagine…

If only one could get paid…

Incidentally, if you would like me to write for you and can pay, I would appreciate it. I’m hoping to submit a children’s picture book to London next month. Unfortunately since that book, (written in a single afternoon to assuage premature death by call-centre) I haven’t written much creatively – but I’m all for collaboration.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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