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Hello Escritori,

DISCLAIMER – I’m not being sponsored to talk about these brands, fashion’s not my regular gig. 

I promise I don’t normally do this, I’m just not that kind of girl… but I may have recently gone on a little shopping spree in the shoe department. Just for future reference, I often go YEARS without shoe shopping just because of scarcity of the right kinds of shoe, so I feel like I’ve won the shoe lottery.

Courtesy of the many rituals related to weddings that duty-bind relations to give you money, I had a bit of spare cash and was going to buy the investment purchase of some new MAC foundation. However I felt a bit sick with remorse at how I could practically buy a week’s groceries and have change for the price of one tube of foundation.


Instead, practicality won out and I thought shoes would be a better purchase for Autumn. I headed to that bastion of all bargain hunters, TK Maxx and came across this French/Belgian brand Éram. I ended up buying two pairs of shoes for £14.99 each. (R.R.P.s were originally £59.00 and £46.00.) They are pricier in Euros on the website I’m afraid.

If you parlez French or Dutch, it helps.

The first pair are a variation on a kind of Forties brown leather Mary-Jane with a wide strap ( I initially hated this shoe but it was so practical for walking everywhere) with a velcro fastener *shudders.* They have a  solid block heel for support and plenty of moulded grip in the sole. Not sure if I like the small woven leather patch and stitching design, but this shoe went from gross to grower.

The second pair are classic black suede court shoes with a skinny, modest stiletto heel and some grey and clear jewel embellishment on the toes. I’m very rarely able to walk in this kind of shoe. If McQueen went wearable I like to think these would be the shoes.

Except McQueen would probably add scorpions.  ❤

I already owned these court shoes with a block gold heel from the brand “Me Too”. Over time though, the sides and sole loosened – re: not buying shoes for years. So I put in some Dunlop Gel Insoles for trainers. They are extremely thick, feel like carpet to walk on and they filled out the extra space. The shoes are now a little tight but guaranteed to be secure. More’s the pity for Princes… Mary 2 got a Ruby Slipper vibe from Pair Two…

Shoes always connote adventures to me. Let’s see, shall we?

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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