Quarter Century Celebrations

Hello Escritori,

In the interests of punctuating incessant talk of weddings, I thought I’d share another ‘make’. It is Mary 2’s twenty-fifth birthday in August insha’Allah. Last year (only last year!) we went out for a picnic in the company of some swans.

I made a party decoration – don’t worry, I wasn’t stress crafting – using pre-cut, grey cardboard numbers. At the time, I actually didn’t realise I’d bought these… I just wanted to buy some plain cards with envelopes and got some ribbon and 2 and 5 shapes in perforated squares in the pack as well. I kept them back in case they were useful.


I ended up using the ‘frames’ of card (once the numbers were popped out) to make the swirly green border of the mendhi thaal. Last week, left with the original numbers, I painted them with some paint from a left over tester pot, then used double sided tape to attach the numbers together in a column and add sequins.

Cereal box card, acrylic paint (any thick paint is key) and stickers are good substitutions as well.

I’m quite happy with the final result. Because of the thickness of this mixed greyish card I have the option of hanging the hook of the 2 from somewhere quite safely, or sticking it to a wall/door. Anyway, I hope she likes it.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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