Wedding Season POLAroid (2)

Hello Escritori,

I’ve been kind of struggling to get down to one image this Thursday, so I may have to cheat but we spent time on the coach to London as part of the groom’s procession/entourage to go and collect my cousin’s new wife and welcome her to her new town, home and family: insha’Allah.

I went a bit soft, because she’s only a few years older than my little sister, known to this blog as Mary 3 – not mentioned as much as Mary 2 – whom I get on better with. I felt maternal, as she is very shy.


Today’s POLAroid is a picture of me balancing my (perfectly coordinated for once, you noticed, thank you) evening bag on my knees in the coach whilst conscientiously wearing my seat-belt. This is the same bag that I did a D.I.Y on, by cutting the chain to a shorter length and reattaching it. Unfortunately the jump ring I used to connect the cut chain back together was too weak, so I removed it altogether and have been using it as a clutch.

Before the impending Autumn arrives and turns to Winter I must get back on the run insha’Allah although I’m proud that I’ve been eating carefully during the excess of Wedding Season.


Thus far, as a clutch, I haven’t managed to lose it. Today however I found a better jump ring and so I’m going to go for another take, with another outfit in the green/blue spectrum later in the Season insha’Allah.

It amused me that my friend nicknamed this outfit ‘the pen nibs suit’ and deemed it ‘writerly attire’. I think she might be right… in the meantime my brushes are washed, dried and ready for tomorrow. It’s a bit of treadmill in itself!


Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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