A Moment of Light

Hello Escritori,

There has been a brief lull in the juggernaut of Wedding Season which couldn’t not come sooner, as I told TBG  with rather ingenious (if shameful) vulgarity:

“Every Wedding Season, my poor makeup brushes get more work than a whore in war-time….”

I’m actually enjoying cleaning the house, looking slobby and giving myself steam facials to save my skin from the lurking McLurker breakout that a) I never usually get except from excessive junk food eating (rarely happens) and b) that a twenty-seven year old can’t afford to be dealing with. We just have more important ish to do.


Speaking of, we have, *searches for wedding dates and corresponding outfits Post-It* FIVE wedding shindigs left to go before it’s all over. The crux of my issue is that I am running out of ideas in the makeup department.

The feminine masquerade often evades me, I feel. I think it’s one of those annoying Adulting things that high-schoolers seem to have down-pat these days if Youtube is to be believed.

Contouring and cut-crease eye-shadow are apparently the Holy Grail of aesthetic womanhood.

It’s probably going to evade me for a long while yet. I’m much more comfortable in the realm of eyeliner, to the extent that I have been nicknamed ‘Pola, Queen of Eyeliner’ – but everything has its limit.

I am managing to keep on top of meds and supplements though, and getting as much sleep as I can. I tend to also have very light breakfasts because everyone serves dinner late at functions. Breakfast is usually fruit and water or fruit and mint tea, then a protein or whole-grain based lunch and a none too excessive dinner.

I’ve been very good if I do say so myself.

Most importantly I haven’t had any panic attacks since the first one. So until I think of more creative ways to draw on myself…

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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