The Escritorium’s First Birthday!

Hello Escritori,


It causes me great pleasure and surprise to say…


TODAY is The Escritorium‘s very first birthday!

Thank you for following

All my thrills and spills,

Adherence to supplements

Exercise and pills.

Jaunts, adventures, tea and poetry,

Just generally things that make me happy.

Drop by with a like,

And I’ll see you again

The fun underlined with,

Lashings of gold pen!


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 18/07/2016.)



10 thoughts on “The Escritorium’s First Birthday!

  1. Yay! Apologies for the delay (I seem to be late for things these days…) but happy belated blog birthday! How have you been?


    1. Thank you. I’m tired. Hi! Lots of events, no job, very little motivation. Weather is crap. Worried I might get Depressed. Getting fat so halfway there eh… Hope you’re okay. ~ P ~

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      1. Hello! I’ve been better (emotionally, at least) but working through it one Futurelearn course at a time!


      2. It’s good to have a plan. That’s half my problem. I don’t even dream. I last wrote in June. Life is like a piece of coral drying out just now. No more ocean.


      3. :/ What’s currently keeping me going is a lot of soppy music and poetry, and something from a Futurelearn course on Japanese culture through rare books:
        During one of their civil wars (specifically from 1467-1477), while half the country was a ruin and wasteland, they still produced some books of high quality and incredible beauty. 🙂


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