Poetry (52)

Hello Escritori,

Good morning All! Was unsure whether my poor beleaguered brain could produce poetry given all the current activity… Happily this came to me before bed on Thursday night.

Latin and Arabic are included. *bites lip* I never know whether it’s useful or detracts to have a key at end, the intrepid ones amongst you will race to Google with zeal I’m sure.



Every endearment

I have ever learned,

Every soft and gentle word,

In every language

As yet has been a hollow set of sounds;

As yet has not been imbued with meaning:

I suspect…

Because the words have no Object.


They are like loose feathers

On the wind,

Rarely still.

Not yet regimented

To the elevated

Status of quills.


Those words are like the birds

Of Abraham, alahi salaam.

The bones will be fused

The feathers tremble and

Life and flight will be given.

Fidelis. Resurgam.


Wahashtini, ya Habibi…

(Who is also not yet here.)

Subject and Object

Clause and syntax:


These words will have

A significant meaning

To unite them, without despair

And all the striving insha’Allah

Will become clear.

The sweet, sleepy words

Will wake. Take air.

And be as delicate

As feathers, in your hair.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 15/07/2016.)


2 thoughts on “Poetry (52)

  1. Thanks everyone, I’m really pleased at the level of likes for this one. Really touched. Sarah, I’m really running out of poetry juice now! :/ Also did a little edit since posting. x


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