Ramadan Round Up

Hello Escritori,

I’m ba-ack after Eid festivities last week but I had to draw the line at about 11pm to go home and have my meds. After not eating in the day time for a month, there’s first a transgressive feeling at breakfast and then a kind of general grazing here and there, then eating a proper meal followed by desserts and then more grazing of the confectionery variety. Life, dear Scribblers is sweet. Alhumdulillah.


I had two badminton matches with my cousin to digest said epicurean feast.

I thought I’d do a Ramadan round-up. Thank God I got through it. Now I just have the catch-ups to do, but with Wedding Season interrupting.

Here are my tips:

  1. Fast one day off two days on and make sure to catch up sleep where possible. If working, nap at lunch.God knows your circumstances and wishes ease for you.
  2. DO set an alarm to get up before dawn, even if you live with other Muslims. Remember to include time for the bathroom and for cooking your suhoor meal – if you didn’t make it the night before.
  3. Eat well at suhoor – I ate porridge with dates in it, or other fruit. I also took my Omega 3 supplements – essential against brain fog and to concentrate at work – and do drink water.
  4. Don’t attend every tarawih every night in Ramadan if you feel you can’t. Trust you judgement. Your health is a priority and God judges your intentions and your actions as well. It’s okay to falter.
  5. I did the shorter units of tarawih on the last night. It was beautiful but taxing because of long hours in the day, tiredness and collective body heat – hence the wisdom among all Muslims that ‘(s)he who brings water to tarawih is a BOSS.’
  6. Be conscious, be considerate, be kind to yourself – Ramadan is about enhancing your remembrance of Allah, guarding your speech, fasting your other senses too and actively doing good deeds for and with others. Do not forget to show that respect to yourself. You are, or will eventually become, expert in your own condition so remember each lesson, don’t ignore them, because those lessons are very hard-won.

I actually read a whole translation of the Qur’an this year! My original relationship in previous attempts can be read about here.

I was tired of fighting the desire to know more, but being too afraid of appearing ignorant. By the time I got to the last tarawih, it was powerful to hear the Arabic original and be able to pick out words. I love languages for exactly this reason too. When the key of understanding turns… the rewards of comprehension are beautiful.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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