Poetry (47)

Hello Escritori,

Here’s this week’s offering about the importance of having compassion for yourself.



Do not make a pet of hurt.

Let it not become a familiar

To caress

In complicit



Do not sit

And nurse it,

At (and in) your breast:

So that it tinges the milk

Of a moonlit night

With an edge of darkness;

And causes memories of curdled love

To leave a sour gift of sleeplessness.


Do not make a pet of hurt.

Do not give it nourishment.

Each better day to come

Has its potential present:

But left unset.


Do not let regret

Be the single pea,

Hidden under a

Heap of mattresses.


Those mattresses are practical

Emotionally necessary,

But made out in yards of silk

To swaddle a dry legume

Coated in its age with dust and dirt

To make a pearl out of your hurt.

But you still feel it.


You do all this so as not to see

That there is a natural sensuality

That graces a mind with innate elegance

Even if it is ascetic,

Shunning decadence.

Do not, do not make hurt

Your friend.


Do not let cankers grow,

There is bloom yet.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 08/05/2016.)



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