Poetry (46)

 Hello Escritori,

I’m afraid this Sunday’s offering has a side order subtext of veiled bitchiness on my part. Sorry! I swear this woman hasn’t even smiled at me once since… I wish I could say I was okay with that, but pretty much like Gloria Pritchett:“I currrse my tohngue!”

Scroll down past the picture if you just want the poem for this week.

Also, this seems like farewell for now. All indications are that Ramadan begins on Monday 6th of June 2016. I will be scheduling Poetry Sundays only. This is only because I have entries in the bank to do so. I won’t actually be messaging/interacting until after the Eid festival.

I should be back middle of the first week of July or so, but time to get back to spiritual basics and put God first. Will definitely back for The Escritorium‘s very first birthday.

Aww. Shooow cute!  My wordy bubba.

~ P ~



Casual Fridays

A woman I’ve known only briefly

Stopped in the bathroom to tell me

“I don’t know

If you know,

But here,

We do Casual Fridays.”


She was nice and harmless

In a hoodie and jeans

(Which to be fair

She should have left

In her teens.)


I said

“I know,”

In my printed chiffon maxi dress

That looked like a reproduction of

An ornate wall in Versailles Palace

But in black, gold, cobalt and rust


This is just

As casual as I go.”


My idea of casual is a blazer.

Which is why it’s kind of nice

To be in Business dress all week;

Bar Friday obviously,

Which seems to hover


Like a threat that’s

Pitched sartorially.


I made the mistake of adding

(Suspecting I sounded like a jerk)

“It’s just the way I am,

Unless I’m working out or running

I’d never wear a hoodie to work.”


She said “Oh. Okay.”

So then I lied consolingly,

“Give it a week, maybe.”


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 06/05/2016.)



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