Long weekend? Got it pegged

Hello Escritori,

Friday – There’s something so nice and very French marin about pegging freshly washed white shirts and blue striped cotton on a line with new wooden pegs. A very simple pleasure that somehow bridges the gap between being backstage at a Chanel S/S show and a sandy-shoed summer in Marseilles. Of course, I am dreaming in both instances as I peg out sails for stranded mermaids to wear.


According to How to be a Parisian: wherever you are – a joyously sassy and fun book, Parisiennes can be split into two groups: sailors and pirates. Everyone loves a pirate, but my  blue and white rigging betrays me on the curve of the wind.


Saturday – Met an old friend after her nuptials at the very patisserie where TBG bought my birthday cake. In the end I was good/indecisive about dessert and just had a very nice salade niçoise (which I’m fond of, probably for reasons of copious protein) and a very good catch up. We sat upstairs on the ironwork chairs. Ramadan is fast approaching and TBG is off on adventures of a spiritual nature in France and Spain for a month, so both of us will be out of action. I may take a blogging hiatus for Ramadan. 

Sunday – SLEEPING. Woke eventually, due to morning sunshine, and an uncomfortable stormy night of bad dreams resolved by star-fishing my limbs across the bed. In the morning I mermaid-tailed my duvet as in days of yore. Before it got too hot, I did my ironing and prepared some chicken for its culinary fate. Cooked it later, was disappointed but I am my own worst critic.

After eleven years of it, I have an instinctual, tender, precise ‘feel’ for cooking, but don’t get as much pleasure out of the results as I ought to somehow. Suspect this will change when I fall in love. The company seems to matter more to me than getting the meal “right.”


Between sleeping attempts, I tried to encapsulate the sound of the rain. I listened to an amazing radio programme describing ‘language as the lingerie of thought’ which was incredibly sensuous… Then I turned the radio off, before trying to sleep again. Radio supplies most of the truly present, meaningful emotional and intellectual matter of my life these days. People are so often not “present” at all.

Monday – Omelette for breakfast: eggs, black pepper, dried oregano, basil and parsley, one fresh tomato and some baby red capsicum, on a piece of white toast, with very finely grated cheese on the top. You can eat less cheese but get as much flavour if you use the finest-grade grater you have. It also looks prettier. Went for a little trip and a walk for about an hour and a half in “kite flying weather” to atone for gluttony; and bumped into this beautiful graffiti geisha by Nzie. My dreams are now more allegorical than bad.

Interpreting them may lead to personal growth…

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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