Poetry (44)




I’m at someone else’s desk.

Someone away for a month.

There’s a detritus of clues

About him:


Like an Award Certificate

Commending a man who

Always goes the extra mile

To  help others.


There’s a small globe which

From the nearest, seated view

Shows the vastness and the blue

Of the Pacific Ocean

And the motley garb

Of North America.


I hope it’s a month away

On holiday

And nothing sinister…


There are also two tiny models

Of Batmobiles

That may be pencil sharpeners

But I can’t tell.


His name is Old Testament


Surname Angelicised


I appreciate his tidiness

Even if I have little to go on.


And to make his catalogue

Of virtues complete:

He has the window seat.


(© Copyright Pola Negri,  03/05/2016.)




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