Playing Tag with Sarah!

Hello Escritori,

Sarah at Heartstring Eulogies is doing a tag for the month of May – book titles used as writing prompts.

This is casual genius of course.

Anyway, because of time issues, I’ve done all the titles in one piece of prose fiction. Maybe it could become a monologue? I’ve found that pointing out the titles ruins the flow and the aesthetic a bit, so check the link for the full list or enjoy picking them out from below!

~ Pola ~


Colour Me Blind

There’s an ink heart on my lover’s skin, and I would have loved it if it were a birthmark because it was on him but it was a matter that incited hurt pride and prejudice. It was something superficial for people to cling to, to hide the fact that his colour’s the real apple of discord.

However, like Romeo and Juliet it may also be essentially, the fault in our stars. From such foresight one might also say that something wicked this way comes: to cleave us. Those who shun love and are more circumspect might be tempted to reflect that love as a political act constitutes a butterfly effect.

Woe. Now is the winter of our discontent.

How is it that only here, at midnight in the garden of good and evil is the sound and the fury dispelled? Here where we eat, pray love and lie our warm bodies down to be coloured by fifty shades of freedom: only here I will dream of bringing forth children who are as various and riotous as rainbows. This library of souls with our flesh that owes not fines, but chromosomes. Don’t you think we could create a brave new world?

Tender is the night and I would not have it breached, not for the light of a thousand splendid suns.

Life the universe and everything cradles the remains of the day. The heart is a lonely hunter and I would rather have now than a hundred years of solitude. I trace your lovely bones and become like water for chocolate, completely impassioned. I let the right one in. At what cost? What is the serpent that renders our paradise lost? The shadow of the wind, what is it, hatred? Yes.

We will always have neverwhere to run to. Dip your feet in the ocean at the end of the lane and when you are engulfed in flames remember that between elements transmigration is possible.

If Death comes for us we’ll plant our entwined bodies as the forest of hands and teeth and our bones will nourish trees that will grow and breathe our legend out in the hushed reverence of their leaves. There were once songs and strange fruit and then there were none. I could bear anything, if there was just one you, in one life or dimension. Love, colour blind love, is a vindication.

END. (© Copyright Pola Negri 26/04/2016.)


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