Pastures New

Hello Escritori,

First day doing new proper job work today! I have a contact to report to bright and early, so no oddness this time I hope… and People, they do have Casual Fridays. (I was joking about those in this  post.)

This means that I have even more clothing based madness to navigate because you actually have to think about it. There was luckily some dress code guidance for both occasions. Don’t even get me started on perfecting my face to be at my desk by 08:15. BB Cream, maybe? Or just work on top notch skincare? 

This is an example of a place where none of the above matters. Let’s reflect.


This year so far has been very weird for me personally in terms of not feeling particularly reassured by yearly events. In March I felt like New Year hadn’t really happened yet and was sort of baffled as to why Easter Eggs had suddenly become ubiquitous.

 My birthday, the yearly PR exercise was whipped through as fast as possible, like the emotional equivalent of waxing; and Valentine’s likewise.

I relate better to festivals like Chinese New Year or Nawruz, although I’m not Persian. It seems APPROPRIATE to me that you should count a new year as beginning in spring time, having survived the Winter: if you want to look at it in a primal sense.

It also seems natural, if you’ve ever seen Bambi, that love in all its forms should abound most at this time. But not too much, because… it’s not fair on everyone else. So in the spirit of delegating and cataloguing all the things that make the loved one loveable, I’d like to share one of my favourite poems:

Valentine by John Fuller.

Basically just because I’m more in the mood. I hope it makes you giggle as you enjoy the many inter-textual references. In the meantime, hopefully I’ll be pulled into everyone else’s timeline at work.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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