A Scarlet Hat-trick

Hello Escritori,


Last Thursday, chock-full of gumption I checked out the route to my new workplace ahead of time. Adulting. Properly.

It was basically for reassurance about timings. It took approximately thirty minutes to get there, and then a short walk across an underground car park to the stairwell into the building. A very nice lady who was being picked up by a woman in a red car directed me that far, after which a man in a red tie (so red, so corporate) emerged from the double doors.

Just hypothetically I asked him about which floor to ring for, for Reception – and then also to find out what floor my department would be on. He very politely asked if I had an appointment, and I explained that I was just getting used to the geography of the place prior to starting potentially soon. He did answer to be fair, but said that he couldn’t let me in to the building without an appointment and also ‘had to be careful who he let in.’

I politely said that I completely understood that he was doing his job and was really only interested in finding the entrance ahead of time. Of course half of me thought he was making a veiled reference… as it were… to my headscarf. FYI: I don’t store any intel in there that isn’t mine, I’m 4’10 and your GRANDMOTHER could put me in a headlock.

Due to the fact that it was such a big, multi-storey office, there was considerable time wasted by getting initially lost. This is something which although excusable on your first day, doesn’t make for a good first impression. That was all I was trying to pre-empt. I really don’t know if I made a typically Pola pratfall, or whether this was actually a thing, but I was left quite red faced, (just for a scarlet hat-trick…) I’ll most likely start on Tuesday.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~




6 thoughts on “A Scarlet Hat-trick

  1. It’s okay, I wasn’t worried, I just hadn’t thought of that. I now have a contact to report to, so that makes me look more legit, and they’ll be expecting other newbs as well. X


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