Poetry (41)

Hello Escritori,

Some whimsy this weekend as I was feeling silly!



Tea Service 😉

Before the latent scandal

Between the Dish and Spoon,

A jolly and affable Teapot

Looked across the Tea Room,

Where, daft as it may seem

He saw a petite Milk Jug.


He took one look

Suffered visions unclean

And decided that he dug her

In the corner of the tray

Posing ever so curvaceously.


Not for them a chaste

Moonlit flit

With witnesses:

Feline, bovine and canine…


Instead I’d wager

Something far more major:

Hot water,


And plenty of steam,

Wrapped up

In a whimsical rhyme.


(© Copyright Pola Negri 06/04/2016.)




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