Red Tape

Hello Escritori,

Today I thought I’d share some last minute crafting with you as well as some exciting news. The cards featured are actually from before I starting stress-crafting last Tuesday…

I held up my stress crafted projects to my webcam while on call with a friend last week, like evidence exhibits: “Exhibit A, an exercise book, transformed with collage, and washi tape! Exhibit B a recycled envelope pimped up with washi tape, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have solid evidence to suggest the defendant’s latent twitchiness, expressed as it doubtless has been, through the medium…. of washi tape.

Putting washi tape on things calms me.

The good news is that I was inspired to start writing a new short on the 3rd. I called TBG in a flurry of excited relief and said: “It feels like my water broke and now everything’s going right.” I’ve hit a snag with it just now though.

To segue onto more visual matters however, (and the punning title) whenever I’ve been in card shops, I’ve looked for things I can easily replicate in terms of design, incorporating craft tapes. So here are two (admittedly slightly cack-handed) new cards, chez Pola.


Lace/Willow Pattern Teacup.


Flowery Bunting.

Before work starts in earnest, (still up in the air) I’ll be writing and editing. Usually I follow the advice of my Professor and just let it all out and edit afterwards.

Only I have to be fast because TBG wants to read it.

I’ve learned to love the editing process so that it no longer feels like taking a switch-blade to your lover, but merely making your work better. I did want to say ‘like trimming a steak’ but that’s hardly romantic.

All you will’ve learned from this is that I potentially have good knife skills. I’ll leave you to decide how you feel about that.

I’ve already had a moment of: “Oh, but I don’t want to delete this bit, the wording is just right…” only to discover I’ve described the same scenario again, in different words. I’m repeating myself to get a better handle on it, when just having the second handle does the job, far better.

What I have to learn to love is the re-write. I need to have a lot of break time to do that objectively. It’s just a bloody relief that something is crowning.

Given that the plot for this short is now floundering a little, I may retire for some more precise thinking time related to this particular story. Weirdly, words and phrases keep suggesting themselves as titles for other projects, but whether novels or plays I can’t tell.

I usually get ideas for shorts in threes, but then 2014 was a prodigious year of production, 2015 was full of half finished and abandoned attempts (which got better but seemed to exhaust themselves after December.)

I can’t believe it’s April already. I hope this year’s just a late bloomer.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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