On the Wing

Hello Escritori,

I’m stress-crafting right now, but I’m calming down slowly. Today I thought I’d just round off the long-drawn out fun of my birthday by doing one final post on belated birthday presents. To this end I should explain that I always joke when procrastinating:

“Where are my Disney birds to help me get dressed in the morning!/Do all my chores?/Prince finding/Mild espionage and magical quick getaways huh?”

Because, you know, who needs a stylist when you can get help from Nature and have a mane like Sleeping Beauty that is so heavy, it just stays in place with it’s own weight, thereby lending itself to the “I woke up like dis” meme?

Disney Birds have outfit game. Despite some dubious ensembles.

Although this friend might not know that I always bust out this joke, she gave meΒ a beautiful blue-bird ceramic jewellery plate by Sass and Belle.


It’s so weird because the day before I was moulding a little blue bird, with lines in its tail out of Blu-Tack recently, just sitting at the computer while doing other stuff. Another friend popped in today to give me a beautiful card and that most perplexing of presents for a bibliophile: a bookshop gift card. How to choose just one book?

I’ve got half a mind to get some trashy steampunk just for a giggle.

I’ve seen references to Sass and Belle, which is London based (Covent Garden) in a few magazines and on Youtube for a while now, a few years ago they were single-handedly responsible for the craze for gold-coloured moulded picture frames in the shape of pineapples.

Anyway, the plate is lovely, and it has a friend in the form of an apple-sized, round ceramic jewellery box. The other bird is perched on the lid of the box. They won’t be lonely that way. I’m still deciding exactly what to put in it.Β I may even take my rings out of the dish and put all my hijab pins in it as that makes them more directly accessible in the morning rush.

So! I finally have minions to guard my treasures. Mwahaha. Oh wait. I’m supposed to be a Princess?

Yeah. Forget that. Those rings are villainous.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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