Away Notice

Dear Escritori,

Please enjoy this pretty visual while I am away for a day, having my Very Crafty 27th Birthday Party. I sincerely hope that it will be a rowdier giggle-fest than my actual birthday, which is always a family affair.

(I am only really having this party because my friends wanted me to and I am too bloody nice to say no. Although I feel too old for this sort of thing, I do really like making party favours.) 


Do please graze on a selection of “vintage” posts via the side-bar until I am back on Thursday to tell you if I did indeed end up getting glitter in the pasta salad.

TBG is ordering my birthday cake which is amazing of her.

Since cueing up the last post, I’ve heard about the bomb in a park in one of Pakistan’s main cities over Easter. This is a terrible tragedy for Pakistani citizens and it makes no difference, Christian or Muslim or whatever, they were women and children out for the Easter holidays and this action is despicable. Pray for peace. Hope for change.

Please don’t let this divide us.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~







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