(Poetry 37)

Hello Escritori,

It’s my birthday TOMORROW lovely Scribblers.

I wrote this poem on Leap Day, in advance. I hope you’re all having a great Easter. I’m still chasing up admin for a new job, but I’m having a (hopefully relaxing) multi-craft birthday party, on Tuesday. This will probably involve glitter and pasta salad. Hopefully not IN the pasta salad.

I would never live that down. Although I set fire to the table runner on my 16th. By accident, obviously. It became an affectionate talking point ever since. I am brimful of maturity now, like a rarefied cheese… In a hijab.

TBG and others will be in attendance and frankly I just wanted to sleep it off like New Year’s Eve, but the friends have spoken! I must buy some Schloer…


Twenty Seventh Birthday Wish


Is a lonely occupation,

A blessed and weird profession.

An aid to expression

Difficult to resist:

Like the secluded, romantic allure

Of the life of a concert pianist.



Is a lifelong passion.

Once you’ve writ

Then you’re bit

And you want

To go on like a glutton

And in luscious secrecy

Feed the habit.


Often times, at its simplest

You are offering up

For the sake of your art

A pâté of your delectable

And innermost heart

In slices.


Oh funny child

Of three,

Who asked

“How do you spell this, Mummy?”

And fell as deep

As one does into the River Lethe

Committing pages of the dictionary

To her memory:

Perfectly sedate.

Learning the language,

Best to express

Falling wildly in love

Aged eight.


Mary, Mary,

Full of precocity

How does your garden grow?

It grows on a vine,

Fermenting in time

Expressed in a wine, of ink.

Then forth comes the pen

And you plant emotion

On pages

The colour of snow.


In the beginning was the Word

And those writ most oft are:

‘I am here’

And I mark my emancipation thus:

By making more and more

Resonant marks.


Make music

Of them this year.


(© Copyright Pola Negri  29/02/2016.)


5 thoughts on “(Poetry 37)

  1. Happy birthday! Here’s hoping glitter does not end up in the pasta salad! I really enjoyed the rhymes – especially the part about memorising the dictionary. Also, I’m not one for pâté, but I like the way you used it with ‘delectable’ and the ‘innermost part of your heart’. I can’t explain it, but it feels like that metaphor just fits.

    Liked by 1 person

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