Career, Collage and Theatre

Hello Escritori,

How lovely to see some new people liking Tuesday’s post!

I’ve been busy with more concrete things on the job search, I’ve got a few offers in, and all involve a fair amount of travelling by train. I’m feeling quite worried that I’ll get stuck WANTING to reply to your comments, but unless I do that on the train I might get quite behind. Never mind having to schedule posts for timed release… Then there’s the fear of travel tiredness or horrific burnout.

The prospect of possibly doing less on the blog grieves me a little… I’ll do my best.

On a day that was waxing gloomy here, while the High Street determinedly pushed forth an array of sun-dresses and maxi skirts, (without regard for meteorology) I got some more art supplies and made some pretty things.


I’m near enough clean out of decoupage butterflies which is what I usually use to decorate cards… so I grabbed a few collage pieces from the Elle Decoration Magazine a few months ago and made something more like a Paris themed collage card.


I also made a more conventional greetings card, with kind of ‘blue winged-heart tattoo’ theme with trademark Pola ‘lashings of gold pen.’

It’s having a space for art and whimsy that keeps all things in check. I do use art as Occupational Therapy a lot of the time. It seems to have replaced reading in big way, now that I think of it… Ah well. It makes people feel appreciated.

I’m going to the theatre with TBG on Saturday. She reads more frequently and widely than me, but claims that I somehow enrich her life. I can’t think how but I am vastly glad. 

We’re going the theatre to see a comedy version of Madame Bovary. She’s far more excited to be invited to my house and meet my mother. I haven’t read the novel, although I do think the new film with Mia Wasikowska is basically cementing her professional stint playing impassioned young women in corsets.

I genuinely like her, I believed at one time that she was part of a New Wave of actresses, (perhaps not to be borne out until grouped retrospectively) but I do worry that her original accent is being lost and that is a terrible shame.

It seems harder for her to neutralise her Americanised accent into other accents for other characters.

I think it’s the fluid mix of the two that grates on my ear, because it doesn’t settle into one unified set of vocal patterns. Nonetheless, the weather being what it is, we could both do with a laugh in this theatrical version: it might be a lighter introduction to the original text.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



4 thoughts on “Career, Collage and Theatre

    1. Thanks Mae. So much logistical thinking needed. Lots of “competency questions” revision. So much less fun than hanging out with the WP gang. (I know you don’t begrudge me earning a living though.) Hanging on pour le theatre.

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