Poetry (35)

Hello Escritori,

This Poetry Sunday I haven’t got much to do apart from recover from the latest bout of Wedding Season that occurred yesterday and be vastly thankful for the new followers *waves* I’ve gained this week.

Honestly, I’m out of adjectives and superlatives.

Welcome to The Escritorium which was once whimsically defined as ‘a self help and writing emporium’.

This is probably the most autobiographical poem I’ve ever featured.


The Cleopatra Delusion


The thing about Bipolar

That so many don’t understand

Is that there is so much

Pain in knowing that

Your ill brain caused you

To burn down

Your own mental architecture

Like single-handedly setting fire

To the Great Library of Alexandria.


All this too

With a hand

That was invisible

But was half your own,

As your mind rules over

A body that’s temporarily



Human, Lover, Goddess, Queen, Whore.

I don’t know who I am any more

I am out of my welkin, 

In a jarring style, 

Am I myself, or am I the Nile?


You will exasperate yourself

With rationalising

Irrationality, to find a reason

Why your Brain betrayed

Your Mind and Self

In this most intimate form

Of treason.


Your body followed suit

Of course, it was coerced.

It followed every,

Extra-sensory voice

It had no choice.


All you want

Is to close this door

In your mind

That never should have opened.


To stop feeling so overwhelmed

So marooned and alone;


And just try to reach out

Towards the truest sense

Of whatever feels

Less like overblown

Royal arrogance

And more like



(© Copyright Pola Negri  28/02/2016.)




6 thoughts on “Poetry (35)

  1. Stunning lines, as always — but it was great to read one so close to your heart. The descriptions were great; they actually made me think of myself, so I knew they must be entirely appropriate for such a theme. 🙂


    1. Thank you! It got another layer when I read Shakespeare’s ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ recently. There she is frequently called “The Nile” or “Egypt” and a lot nastier things. She would be considered the vessel of the goddess Isis, and guardian of the physical River Nile as a female Pharaoh and head of a nation. There are even scholars that dispute that the word ‘Cleopatra’ was a term of office, not a name.

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