Poetry (32)

Hello Escritori,

As soon as I saw this sight, from this angle I had to take a picture of it, because the story inside it was being pushed out at me, like the petals of an origami flower.

It’s also just a lovely bit of silliness written on Valentine’s Day.

 (Imagine Tom Hiddleston reading this. It adds something.)


The Ardour of Apparel


The Royal Blue

Dress, all ruched

In panels of net

Or georgette

And a black cape

With pom-poms on it.


You hang upon

The dressmaker’s bust,

With a quiet purity

And an elegance

Akin to that

Of the Blue Fairy.


Would an advance

From a relaxed

Fit, slim-lapelled

Two button


Tweed jacket



I beg you,

Be no longer blue

Your wistfulness, forget!

I got hung up

Right behind you

But you haven’t

Seen me



Before we part

Crumpled and careworn,

Flung on the floor,

With regrets…


Be my sweetheart,

And let’s go

Off the rails

Because, you know

I’m top to tails

Head over heels

For you:


Oh you


Of a blue

Georgette dress.


(© Copyright Pola Negri 14/02/2016.)



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