“Palms, Hi!”

Hello Escritori,

This post might get published a bit later than you’re all used to, simply because I switched from plans to have tea with my friend into having a walk in a local gated public garden. (She of the impending swanky birthday next week.)


I’m 26 and I woke up with a spot as well. What is that about, freak occurrence… The palms made it feel like L.A. on a budget.

The week after that on Tuesday I am getting a haircut in sheer Warpaint Mode for Wedding Season, commencing Friday. I am a hijabi which means I wear the Muslim headscarf and don’t show my hair in public. I am very lucky to have found an amazing salon close by which has all female stylists and clients, a fair charge, and it’s even one floor up from street level so there’s no chance of anyone looking in.

It’s one of my very few claims to Proper Adulthood that I have a regular stylist. I’ve been to psychs People, and hairdressers are the best ones out there.

Recently my friend as good as told me not to get her a present but to write her a poem. I had writer’s block for a bit. I still have my childish disdain at times, of being told to write to order: it helps enormously to be paid to be a literary dancing monkey… but I bashed it out.

I played around with it on my laptop last night and then wrote it out by hand, but I sealed it all up before I thought to photograph it. I mean, I’m probably too old to be considered part of the auto-Insta generation. It isn’t necessary and there’s a particular and rather more sacred sanctity to letters.

I wrote it out on notepaper I’d previously designed, in this post here – it was the sleeping lady one she ended up getting her poem on, and I’m also giving the very last card I made from this batch here. In the interests of jazzing things up I did some filigree designs in gold pen over the butterflies, after success with Bexticle’s card.

I may go out and get some new art supplies.

I think the finished article was suitably special for her birthday, at the very least it indicated effort, and that is really what she (and I) value in a present. I also like people to pay attention to my likes and find things that are a bit quirky.

Must be off soon to imbibe some Edenic vibes. I look forward to seeing how this week’s Sunday poem performs, it’s a comic one, written on Valentine’s Day, from an unexpected speaker with the voice of Tom Hiddleston…

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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